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[icon] Healthy Food UAE
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Subject:healthy eating joint!
Time:02:00 am
Hi guys,

Not sure if you are aware of www.healthyeating.ae ?
The guy that runs this place is fantastic! Excellent food and erm, check out the prices...unbelivable - clean,good quality..

I'm surprised someone starte a blogspot for health freaks in Dubai - great job! Great to meet like minded people as well ;)
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Subject:Coconut Oil
Time:06:54 am
Current Mood:thirstythirsty
I have been health crazed since I got to Dubai, but have found little emphasis on healthy and organic living...the internet has been my savior regarding this topic, and thats how I found the miracle of Coconut Oil, here is a link to what I have found out about it, and how it can change your life...
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Subject:Return to healthy food
Time:02:51 am
Well, it's been over a year since the last update and there are dozens of new supermarkets, malls and restaurants in the UAE. And probably plenty of us who have put dozens of pounds on, cooped up indoors in the extreme summer heat, barely able to walk from the carpark to the office.

Food is also getting more expensive. But it is still possible to eat affordably and healthily. Arabic food is the best for this, if you limit the bread/rice and deep-fried pastries. Excellent choices are:

1. Tabbouleh
Green but not mean, tabbouleh is nearly all fresh, nutritious chopped parsley with a bit of tomato. Don't go by the nutrition information online, because outside the Middle East, tabbouleh tends to be 90% cracked bulgar wheat with very little else. The regional (Levantine) version uses mainly parsley, hardly any wheat, is very low in calories, and thanks to the parsley is extremely high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Folate.

2. Fattoush
Big fresh juicy chunks of tomato and cucumber with that lovely tangy sumac dressing. Cucumber is pretty much negligible in calories, but it does contain several nutrients. Tomatoes are also low calorie, but they are very rich in Vitamin C and lycopene, a very important anti-oxidant.

3. Mixed grill
The one drawback to mixed grills is they tend to be huge, so if you come from a World War II rations upbringing of "clean your plate" you will end up eating far too much. The best idea is usually to share between two people, if you feel uncomfortable leaving food. What they contain is wonderful. Lean lamb, chicken, grilled tomatoes and onion. Grilled fish is another great option.

4. Hummus
Hummus is rich in calcium, Vitamin B-6, Folate, Thiamin, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus and Copper. It's also a superb great protein source for vegetarians. The fats in it are mainly healthy unsaturated fats, which lower cholesterol. And its rich, creamy taste is very satisfying.

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Subject:Wonder of white tea
Time:07:11 pm
Something new and delicious has arrived in Dubai supermarkets - White Tea from Lipton (though it doesn't seem to be on their site yet).

White tea is the least processed of all teas, even less than green tea. Research also suggests it has great health benefits.

White tea is similar to green tea, in that it's undergone very little processing and no fermentation. But there is a noticable difference in taste. Most green teas have a distinctive 'grassy' taste to them, but white tea does not. The flavour is described as light, and sweet.

Lipton White Tea is delicately flavoured with apricot, and it really is sweet and light and totally unbitter, as both green and black tea usually are.

It would make great iced tea to cool down this summer: stick a couple of bags in a bottle of mineral water, leave overnight to cold-steep in the fridge, then serve with sugar syrup to taste and a slice of lemon or orange, or a few fresh mint leaves.

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Subject:Free health checks
Time:02:24 pm
Welfare Hospital in Dubai is offering free tests for:

- diabetes
- blood pressure
- cholesterol

at the Meridian Airport hotel on 9th April. There are also talks on cardiac surgery, diabetes and other heart conditions.

A recent World Health Organisation study found that 50 per cent of people in the Middle East are obese, and more worryingly, 70 per cent of Saudi children are obese.

So it's worth going for a check-up, particularly if you don't have health insurance, as it's free.
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Subject:Ultra-easy, ultra-versatile stew
Time:09:59 pm
This recipe taken from Hemlock. It's brilliant, because it is extremely easy to make, as well as versatile. It can be:

- meat-based or vegetarian
- if meat, then chicken, beef or lamb
- Middle Eastern or European

and you also add pretty much whatever extra vegetables you like to it.

Click here for the magic formulaCollapse )

Hemlock doesn't post a picture, but it (at least the beef version) probably looks something like this:
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Subject:Magic tajines
Time:01:58 am
Tajines (or tajins or tagines), a traditional Moroccan dish, are almost embarrassingly easy to make, and incredibly tasty considering the little effort that goes in.

Usually made with lamb, chicken or fish, fruit and spices, these stews are full of nutrients, high in protein and nutrient-rich carbs, low in refined carbs and fat. Here are a couple of tried and tested chicken versions. If you don't have every spice available, you can leave some out or substitute ones you prefer.

Chicken tajine with olives and preserved lemonsCollapse )
Chicken tajine with honeyed pears and orange blossomCollapse )

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Subject:Regional diabetes issue
Time:02:59 pm
The Middle East and Indian subcontinent have the world's worst rates of adult-onset, Type II diabetes, up to 20-22%, which is 3-5 times higher than in the West. More stats here:

"In 2003, the five countries with the largest numbers of persons with diabetes were India (35.5 million), China (23.8 million), the United States (16 million), Russia (9.7 million) and Japan (6.7 million).

"In 2003, the five countries with the highest diabetes prevalence in the adult population were Nauru (30.2 %), The United Arab Emirates (20.1 %), Qatar (16%), Bahrain(14.9%), and Kuwait (12.8%).

The cause is a combination of genetics and bad diet. Type II diabetes typically occurs in adults that are obese, but not always. Prevention is always better than cure, but Type II can be controlled and even reversed by dietary and lifestyle change: so it's never too late.

Getting a better dietCollapse )

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Subject:Shredded Italian Chicken
Time:02:57 am

I'm Bear, I live in Ajman and I would like first to thank istara for creating this group. My mission with this posting is to educate all the guys that read it. Guys, Ladies love a man who can cook, and I'm not talking about Canned baked bean and instant Mashed potatoes. This recipe right here is not only my pride and joy, but one of my secret weapons. Ladies, This doesn't mean that I don't want you to try it out as well, and while we're at it, I should like some feedback.

This here is a wonderful, nutritious, and all around health conscious meal. Shredded Italian chicken with white rice, and Asparagus.

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Subject:Restaurant review: Wagamamas
Time:09:37 pm
Type: Modern East Asian, predominantly Japanese, but also Thai and others

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Features: Totally no-smoking restaurant, green tea is served free with meals

Time Out Dubai describes Wagamama as "a great place for tasty, health-conscious fast food". Service is very fast, with the proiviso that dishes get served in any order

Pretty much every dish is healthy and made from fresh ingredients, but for a menu nutritional beyond compare, try:

1. Edamame - great as a snack, a starter or a side, these are green soy beans that you squeeze out of the pod to eat. They're sweet and clean tasting, and you can add more flavour with salt, soy sauce, and Wagamama's chilli-dust. Soybeans are one of the world's miracle superfoods, supposed to reduce cholestrol among other things.

2. Avocado Tuna Sashimi salad - this is amazingly healthy and tasty: rocket lettuce, raw tuna and avocado, in a delicious marinade.

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[icon] Healthy Food UAE
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